Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aug. 19th. Farmington River Temps.

It would appear that the water temps. are starting a much needed cooling trend. The Farmy was approximately 70cfs this morning and the still was approximatley 30cfs.

I used the same method as my previous posting. I even visited the same locations as my previous post; the only thing different was the time of day.

Still no fishing for me, however, I will be out on the river practicing my skagit casting!

wt = water temp.
at = air temp.

Still River @ USGS monitor @ 9:15 am         wt = 66F           at = 61F

Dam Pool @ 9:25am                                        wt = 62F           at = 62F

Long Pool above Beaver Hole @ 9:35am       wt = 62F            at = 62F

Hogback Rd. pool @ 9:42am                          wt = 62F            at = 62F

Just below Riverton bridge @ 9:50am            wt = 60F            at = 62F

Pipeline just above ballpark @ 9:56am          wt = 64F            at = 62F

Church Pool @ 10:07am                                wt = 64F            at = 67F

Greenwoods @ 10:16am                               wt = 66F             at = 67F

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  1. Those are fishable temps. Thanks for the report.