Sunday, May 18, 2014

Unplugged and Recharging

The last couple of months my husband and I have been off and exploring new places. Some of the new places are on brand new rivers and some places are new spots on rivers we have previously explored.

I have decided to try nekkid fly fishing. Now, while this title might suggest wader-less fishing and the like I can promise you it doesn't. It is based on leaving the cell phone home and going without - GASP - any email, texting, or other computer based technology. Pure and simple. Just the three of us heading out to sights new.

I try to explain to my kids at school that they really are at a disadvantage with all their gizmos and tech attachments that they can't seem to shake. If only they knew what they were missing as a result of their electronic distraction.

The sound of a fish as it ever so briefly fires out of the water from chasing an emerger for an appetizer.

Taking a few moments to look at the flowers on the forest floor as they make their way out for the first time this year. Or to gaze at the patterns found on the trees as the lichens take hold and prosper.

And like today, just listening to the birds sing. 

Red winged black birds
Cat bird
Swallows chasing insects inches above the water and then returning to their nests along the bank

The gentle sound of the water as it reaches under a cut bank to perhaps coax a fish out of a hiding spot.

Or just the listening to our fishing buddy as she finds some sunlight to lay in while she patiently watches and waits. Our buddy; she is getting old and her hips ache and she sure isn't as spry as she used to be but she still really enjoys going out with us.

And it isn't just the sounds. It is thinking "where are they?".

It's making a plan to search out the best places where you think the fish will be. It is starting to use both left and right hands for casting and breaking out of the comfort zone of my dominant hand. It is s-l-o-w-i-n-g
the hell down and enjoying the moment. 

It's thinking of tactics, flies, and watching the currents. It's just....

Unplugged and Recharging.