Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Kuddos to Kittery Trading Post

A couple weeks ago I purchased a new Sage 12'6" 5wt. two handed Z-axis from Kittery Trading Post. Hey, the price (almost 50% off) was right; how could I not? Last Sunday I was going to try out the rod to see which lines fit us best when ....

I grabbed the next piece to put on the butt section and ....

it did not fit! Oh the horror!! Someone from the factory had taken the 5wt. butt section and then included the 6wt. upper pieces.

I called Kittery Trading Post (KTP) to find out that they had one left at the store for an exchange. Instead of waiting to complete the exchange through the mail my husband and I decided to make the trip to Kittery. Truth be told, we had  not been to KTP before so it seemed like a good idea.

On Monday, we arrived at the fishing department and met Phred (no, his name is not misspelled). Phred could not believe what happened and he felt absolutely awful about it. Paul, the store manager came looking for me and he was also very attentive at seeing the snafu was taken quickly taken care of.

Long story short; the customer service that I experienced was outstanding. I have never had a store manager come and look for me to make sure that everything worked out right; they went above and beyond.

You can bet that my husband and I will visit KTP again.