Monday, October 29, 2012

Two days on the river before Sandy Arrives!

Here we go again! It is deja vu all over. Last year it was the October snowstorm that did us in and who would have thunk that one year later another storm would be taking aim at us. But it is true, Sandy is on her way and from the looks of it she is going to have her way with us.
I don't know about most folk but my storm preparations include fishing before all hell breaks loose. To be honest, there wasn't much preparation that needed to be taken care of since we have a small supply of batteries, flashlights, candles and a double burner camp stove and propane tank from last year. All I needed to get was some soup, chili, ice and that was it - mission accomplished.
So Sat. and Sun. was spent with my buds on the river trying out some new tube flies while enjoying a very productive leaf hatch.

Lisa getting ready to tie one on.

Oh look, more leaves. 

Lisa with her catch of the day.

Both days were cloudy. Sat. there wasn't much of a wind but Sunday there was a steady breeze that kicked up. Still, you can't beat spending time on the river with friends.

This yellow/black bunny strip tube fly wiggles like mad in the water. Tied by Jerry Jahn, of Spey Casting North East, these flies sure look good and they were the experiment of the weekend. As a matter of fact, they all wiggle like mad in the water! Add some sparkly stuff to them and they really look interesting. I had a nice brookie just smash the black/yellow one.

Here are some more examples of flies by Jerry. My mission today, since school is cancelled, it to tie up some of my own and hope they come out half as good as Jerry's.

Hopefully I can get some done before we lose power in this neck of the woods. Power outages have already been reported down along the shore so I am sure it is just a matter of time before we lose it here in W. Hartford.