Monday, July 23, 2012

How many days...

I got to wondering today about how many days in a row can I get out and go fishing?

I was out last Wed., as well as Thursday and Friday.

Saturday and Sunday were two epic days of fishing.

So today I decided to head out between thunderstorms, or so I thought and only  managed about 90 minutes worth before thunder was too close for comfort. I am a BIG chicken when it comes to lightning. There was one afternoon (several years ago) when I was trying to high tail it out to the car and there was another angler on the trail in front of me. I kindly requested that he either step off to the side or he could have size 8 Korker boot prints up one side and down the other becuause I was on a mission to get the hell out and fast. He was very kind and stepped off to the side!

So currently I am at 6 days and and about 15 fish landed.

Guess I will keep it a game and see what happens tomorrow.

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