Saturday, July 21, 2012

A pretty good day of it

Lisa and I spent most of the day on the Farmy today. It was so nice to have 73F for a change with clear blue skies and very little wind.

Lisa had a really good day landing three bows; each one bigger than the last. Unfortunately, I left the camera in the car and missed the first bow.

The second one I also missed because I was sharing some flies with another angler who was below us.

The third, and biggest for her today I had the camera out and ready to go when the fish flopped and disappeared. I told her to grab the line and get it back in but she had unhooked it!

Here fishy, fishy.

This was the first brown I landed today he was way out there and I just let that fly work its way on down to where I saw him sipping some caddis. I landed another later on just as big and then a rainbow. Fishing has been pretty good this year; bigger fish too.

This was the fly that worked some magic for us. Size 12 with CDC wing and partridge beard.

Some really pretty berries along the river bank.

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