Saturday, June 2, 2012


Yesterday morning, before I left for work, I told Rob that if I wasn't home when he got home then it was becuase I was fishing. Then I added, "I am not sure if I will be fishing or if I will come home to do some weeding in the garden."

That made him laugh as he said, "Weeding? Really? Are you out of your mind?! A perfectly good afternoon to fish and you are going to pull weeds? Tomorrow it is supposed to rain like hell - go fishing, the weeds will wait" Then he gives me one of his looks - the one with one upturned eyebrow and a squint in the other eye. "Well, you should pack your fishing stuff anyway before you leave, just incase you decide to go fishing instead of weeding. You can leave right from school and be on the river and fish until dark."

So off to school I went; pondering the WEEDS VS. FISH comment.

First period Chemistry at 7:30 AM rolls around - who thought teaching chem at that hour in the morning was a good thing? But hey, I am having fun with them because it makes the time go faster.

Two hours go by.

Three hours go by.

And still I am considering the WEEDS VS. FISH question.

I tell ya, it was a real gut wrenching decision. I love my gardens and flowers and I do love weeding just because it is another way to relax. But still... WEEDS Vs. FISH???

When school ended and I finally headed out to my car I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the sun. I stood there for a moment feeling the warmth of the sun on my face; which felt so good after being inside all day. I was also grateful that I had heeded Rob's suggestion and packed my fishing gear because I had made my decision about


And the winner was......FISH!

What a suprise, right?!

So up to the river I went and boy, what a good choice it was.

I was swinging flies for a couple of hours watching the rain clouds rolling in as well as a group of ravens riding the breeze that was picking up. The water was very cold but the fishing was excellent and it wasn't too long before one rainbow turned into three, then four,  then I landed a nice brown. After a quiet spell and a couple of changed wet flies another couple of bows took my offering and then it really got good. I landed a 12" brookie with the most beautiful colors that I stopped and thanked God that he made that fish - yes sir, He must have been having a good day when He made brookies.That was the prettiest brookie I have ever seen and it was also the biggest one I ever landed. Best yet, he never left the water and once the hook was out he flicked his tail and away he went.

I almost stopped then but thought, "One more cast..."

A couple more bows capped the evening before I finally decided to head back through the woods and to the car. Weeds? Yup, they're still there and looking pretty good with all the rain that is falling. That brookie though, man, that was the best.

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