Monday, January 16, 2012

Championship Football Games and Fly Tying Colors

Well, I couldn't get out to fish this weekend. It was just too cold and windy.
Such a bummer.

Instead, I tyed up some flies and also watched the championship football games. It was while watching the football that I came up with an idea - what about tying up some flies with the same colors as the teams.

So I did! I matched up the colors as best as I could and here is a sample of what I did.

New York Giants

New England Patriots

Don't know of a team with these colors, but I thought they were an interesting combination.

New Orleans Saints


  1. Very nice. The third one: San Diego? The colors on the Pats one would also sell well in Miami.

  2. The Third one... is LSU Tiger (NCAA), please 2nd this year. : )

  3. How 'bout that! I knew I saw that color combination before.