Monday, May 16, 2011

The Trees Have Eyes

I had a very adventurous afternoon last Friday. I was busy all day as I worked my way up and down the river. There was nothing in particular that I was looking for, it was just fun being out in the warmer weather and the slight bit of sunshine made it even more special. The best part was that there was no one else there to bother me or get in my way until I heard a car door slam.


With great haste I managed to get myself into a predicament where I needed to grab hold of some branches with both hands and steadied my feet for support. Like I said, I was the only one on the river and I am always thinking of safety first.

With quiet trepidation I waited to see what was coming my way. I barely moved and the death grip I had on the branches actually  helped to steady my nerves. I was well camouflaged against a mossy oak background when all of  a sudden someone started talking to me.


"Come on out. I can see you, buddy."


Slowly, very slowly I poked my head from around the tree and realized that my foot had scraped the side of the bark and the noise is what gave my spot away. She sure had good eyes though to spot me 15' up in the pine tree that I had hidden in.

I looked down on her as she commented about my Betty Grable eyes and cute face. Her voice was soothing and I soon realized I didn't have anything to fear. She went back to the car and returned with an apple which she gladly took bites of and tossed them at the bottom of the tree I was in. I totally amazed her as I did an about face and headed back down the tree head first. She laughed aloud as I hit the ground looking for the chunks of apple that I quickly grabbed with my paws and then we shared her late lunch. It was a nice gesture on Mary's part, I rarely get to eat a snack with a human as we racoons like to keep to ourselves.

Eventually,  Mary did get to the river and I watched as she was fishing for some trout using something she called a wholly bugger. There were two different fish that she was going for, one she did mange to hook and a second that broke off, leaving the fly in the fish's lip. Man, that didn't make her happy at all! But she was a good sport and when an eagle landed on a rock scoping things out she stood in rapt attention. She was totally amazed when that bird jumped into the water along the river's edge, grabbed a fish and flew on upstream. She counted her blessings that day and I was one of them!

Imagine that.

So you never know when the trees have eyes and someone, maybe me, will be watching you.

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