Monday, May 9, 2011

Girls gone fishin'

     A friend of mine at a local fly fishing shop had a great idea. She wanted to have a class to teach some gals how to fly fish. Just gals. No guys allowed! Hummm. She explained to me that many times the wives, friends or girlfriends would often come into UpCountry with their husbands, friends and boyfriends. The guys were the ones that were always fishing, the girls just tagged along. So Carol came up with the "Girls Day" for fly fishing. Her vision was to keep it simple, get the gals out on the river, fish and have fun. That  idea sounded pretty interesting to me so I  volunteered my time to help her out.
     So last Saturdy there we were. A group of us gals on the river having a grand ol' time. I met some of the nicest and funniest people and we all got along just great. One lady was there because her son was always talking about fishing and wanted her to go with him. She is 70 years old and ready to take this on. Can you believe it? 70!! Amazing!!! Another gal wanted to learn because her boyfriend always goes and she wanted to be able to have fun with him as well. The reasons were various but the end result was all the same in that they all had the desire to learn.
     We practiced some dry casting on the lawn but it was clear to me that they really wanted to get to the river. Carol brought lunch and after a quick bite and some jokes it didn't take long before we headed down to the water.
     We broke off into groups and spread out, each of the newbies getting a feel of the water. Soon enough there were a few hendricksons flying around which they all thought was pretty cool. They thought it was cool to see the real fly and compare it to the one on the end of their line. I had decided not to fish simply because I wanted to watch. I wanted to see someone land their first fish.
    It wasn't too long before one of the gals hooked a decent brown trout and then a second one shortly after that. Score!!  Then another gal just above use hooked one. The two of 'em couldn't believe it. They wasted no time in getting the fly back out on the water because they wanted more.
     Like all good things the afternoon seemed to go by too fast. We walked back up to the cars, all the while gabbing like we had been friends forever. We exchanged emails and phone numbers and hopefully, with a little luck, we will get together during the summer and fish some more.
     Many thanks to Carol and UpCountry for putting this together. What a great idea.

Crazy pic of girls gone fishin'



  1. Sounds like a great time on the water was had by all. I ran into a wonderful woman a few years ago as she was hiking a piece of the AT down in NJ and on her way into CT where she would spend time celebrating her 70th birthday with her daughter. Oh and she was hiking by herself.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is awesome! Looks like you had a blast. Great blog, you got a new follower