Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Guilt Free Opening Day - May 2010

Today was one of those days that started off with gray skies and an odd shower or two in the morning. As the day progressed the gray was slowly replaced by a scattering of cumulous clouds that were gently pushed across a blue sky by a slight breeze. Even the new leaves on the trees were gently swaying. It would have been a perfect time to fish.

Once work was done for the day I found myself heading up and over Avon Mountain in the direction of the Farmington River. What I would usually do at this point would be to continue my drive up Rt. 44, and after a quick stop at UpCountry Sport Fishing, mosey on up to Riverton where I would finally pick a spot and fish.

But that was not the case for today. Today I had another appointment with the surgeon. This was another follow up visit to determine how that dang old shoulder was doing.
And would you believe that during the visit he gave me the go ahead to start fishing? So long as I take it slow and listen to my shoulder I could head on out.

Wow. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any better it did because this felt like a Papal dispensation!! Why so much relief? Well, last Sunday was a humid 92F and extremely uncomfortable day. My husband and I headed up to the river because he was going to fish. Well, I just couldn't take standing on the shore any longer. I was dying. At some point I headed in the cold water for some relief and somehow my rod was in my hand but I swear it was for only an hour. (I couldn’t take the guilt if I stayed in longer!)

As of today it has been 109 days since my last real and guilt free fishing trip on the Farmington. I remember it well. The river gods were very kind and blessed me with a chunky rainbow in a cold, cold rain just prior to my little “fishing vacation”.

Tonight, Betsy, my 8.5 ft. 5 wt. Loomis fishing partner is tucked in the back of my car along with waders, boots, vest, lucky fishing hat and flies. Lordy, I have packed just about every conceivable fly I have. My mind is already thinking ahead of the possible places to fish. Will I head up and fish behind the campgrounds? How about Ovation Pool? Maybe Greenwoods? Perhaps I will end up at The Boneyard.

You know something? It doesn’t really matter where I fish or if I even land a fish (well, ok, I made up that part) so long as I can fish.

So, many thanks to Dr. Brezenoff at Litchfield Hills Orthopedic Association for his skill at fixing up both shoulders (thank God I am not an octopus!) as well as his patience when I didn’t think I could take it anymore. And thanks also to two great physical therapists, Terry Gauthier and Brian Magna, at Magna Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, they also helped me get through some tough and painful visits. Jennell, Jan, Torie, Susan and Karaugh - you are wonderful and made all my visits something to look forward to.

Now if you don’t mind, I need to make sure everything is set for tomorrow, because tomorrow is my opening day – guilt free.

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