Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Elixer of Life - Dec. 2009

This was the year that I broke with tradition. The usual Thanksgiving Tradition that is. Instead of the November purchase of turkey, stuffing, vegetables and assortment of pies to take to the inlaws for the usual day of gut feasting and culinary chaos, I decided last year it was time for something different. Plans were made, accomodations arranged and as the time drew near I knew it was the best decision. I wanted to spend the days off from school doing some steelhead fishing.

So as I was preparing for this year's new Thanksgiving Tradition by packing fleece, wool hats, windstopper jacket along with my sexy titanium spiked Korkers (the nearest thing to heels that I own!) I had a brilliant idea. There was something else I needed to bring along.

Some say it's purpose is purely medicinal.

I would say it is a great way to end the day and to prepare for another hard day of fishing.

Either way you look at it, the limited edition of triple distilled 15 year old Jameson was a great addition to the packing list.

After fishing for a full day, some of which was spent in a cold rain and slight wind, the Elixer of Life was removed from its velvet lined box and the golden liquid was liberally poured into my special whiskey glass that comes straight from the Old Jameson Distillary in Dublin. I paid homage to the Fishing Gods as I added just a bit of water to make it easier to go down and I sipped away.

And sipped away some more.
Needless to say, I slept great that night and woke up refreshed and ready for another full day of fishing.

So now it is December and I am on break. The other night I was tying some flies when it hit me.

It was time for some Jameson and fly tying. I gotta tell you, no one tells you at fly tying classes that whiskey and fly tying do go hand in hand. But they do! What a great way to pass the time on a cold winter night.

So I locate my special whiskey glass, get the Jameson out and then I am floored.

What the hell??!!

Where did all that whiskey go?!

And then I remembered Thanksgiving and my new tradition. Oops. Seems I sipped more than what I thought. Not that the bottle was brand new, mind you.

Nope. It had been opened for a spell and the contents enjoyed while grading papers and the like. But now there was a serious dent in my supply.

I had enough to enjoy the other night, that is for sure. But it does look like my Thanksgiving Tradition for next year now requires a new bottle to take along with my special whiskey glass. But then again, why wait until then?

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