Friday, July 5, 2013

Full figure flies

Whew. It's a hot one today ladies and gentlemen. The current temperature is 94F and the "real feel" is 100F. Yuck. 

I call these my "full figure" flies. These won't lie down flat in the water because of the bump of dubbing at the front of the fly. I have used that same kind of bump when making my steelie flies so why not for some trout flies? I used a streamer hook and attached some 30# stren that I use to attach a #4 stinger hook. Cut off the streamer hook and voila - aren't they lovely?

I prepare the streamer hooks by adding the bump of dubbing on first. Add a drop of super glue to the dubbing and let it dry. The bump is what keeps the profile of the fly when in the water.

I covered the shank of the streamer hook with either dubbing and wire or some silver braid up to the back of the dubbing bump.

Then in front of the bump I added schlappen followed by some tinsel flash. With the above fly I didn't add flash I added dyed peacock hurl. Some of the flies have another layer of schlappen before I added some blood marabou for the outermost layer. 

Here are some others....

For this one I used minnow back fringe instead of the tinsel flash.

The stren keeps the fish from shaking off since they cannot get the leverage they need to rid themselves of the fly. I plan on using these with my Mystic switch tomorrow evening.

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