Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene rains down on the Farmington River

My husband and I took a short drive up to New Hartford to see how the Farmington was holding up. That area got clobbered with rain yesterday from Hurrican Irene and the river shows it. At the time we went up the flow rate was over 11,000cfs. I had plans to spend my last day before school starts tomorrow fishing, but I think you will agree that my plans have changed! The picture below is taken from the bridge in New Hartford center and looking back to the town hall.

This is the infamous Church Pool. I was only on the bridge for a short time because it was vibrating from all the water rushing by it. The sound was also amazing. This next shot is looking upriver from Church Pool.

This is looking up to Whittemore's just down from the People's State Forest and campground.

This is looking down from the Callahan Park in New Hartford at the bridge where people usually park and fish from.

Today the skies are bright blue and there is not a cloud in the sky. The air has dried out and the temperature is in the 60's. The flow rate has dropped considerably since yesterday but I can only imagine the changes to the river from all this water.

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