Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anchors away!!

Well, it has been a very busy summer and the fishing has been great. Last week a group of us from the Connecticut Fly Fisherman's Association (CFFA) met at a lake in Wilington for some float tubing. 

The weather had been very hot and humid so it was time to do some cooling off in a spring fed 20 acre lake with some good friends. The lake was formed as a result of a thread factory that had built up a dam on the river. From what I understood this is the factory where bobbins were first produced for winding thread on. Until that time the thread was wrapped on a piece of heavy cardboard.

As you can see, it is a very pretty spot and with plenty of fish. There are crappies, trout, blue gill and bass so we could pretty much take our pick depending on what we wanted.  With plenty of float tubes to get ready it took us a short time before we actually got into the water.

Once everyone was set and ready the CFFA Flotilla was set into action!

Some of us decuded to use sinking lines and headed for the deeper and colder water in search of the rainbows. They were lots of fun to land from the tube and quickly released to return to the colder lake bottom.

After a while it seemed that the trout didn't want to participate in our fun, perhaps even they sensed that the temperature was just too hot and who could blame them? If I could have hung out at the bottom of a cold lake I would have done the same! So I decided to fish closer to shore and see what I could get.
I was rewarded with some beautiful looking fish.

I thought the colors on this guy were particularly pretty, especially in the sunlight.

So after a BBQ of bratwursts, some cold salad and ice cold water we headed back out. After a couple more hours things really died down and my brains were fried, literally. Even sitting in the lake water just didn't seem to work at keeping me cooled down. So we all called it a day and headed in. We have another trip planned for next week and hopefully we will have another good time.

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